Money & Me: a podcast by Lifetise. Season 2 episode 2, Katie Watson.

In this episode, Caroline talks to Katie Watson about being the first person in her family to go to university, why she’s not worried about student debt and how hard 2020 has been for graduates trying to find jobs.

Caroline 0:00
Hi, Katie, how are you doing? Welcome to Money and Me.

Katie 0:03
Hi. Yeah, I’m doing really good. Thank you so much for having me on.

Caroline 0:07
Oh, it’s a complete pleasure. So I wanted to chat to you because you’ve recently graduated from university. …

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The ultimate guide to staying sane (and maybe even flourishing) during lockdown

As we officially enter our second lockdown here in the UK, there’s been a lot of discussion around how we can best prepare for what lies ahead. We understand that many of you may be feeling anxious or exhausted right now, especially when we all hoped that the worst of the pandemic was behind us. If this is you, we want you to know that you’re not alone.

In principle, staying at home should be the easiest possible task — however the reality is not so simple. An excess of alone time can feel overwhelming, and whether you live with your family, partner, or by yourself, the first lockdown taught us that the pandemic brings different challenges for all of us. So that’s why we’ve put together a collection of ideas to create a stress-free home environment, and help you maintain good mental health during lockdown to keep the blues at bay. …

Money & Me: a podcast by Lifetise. Season 2 episode 1, Josh Winterson.

In this episode, Caroline talks to Josh Winterson about the pressures of trying to hang on for dear life as your startup takes off, and the inevitable effects it has on your relationships with family and friends. Josh is a father and startup founder. He founded Alinea, a Talent business built specifically to help scale early stage Tech startups. Alinea itself was recognised as one of the Disrupters in the recruitment industry. …

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The furlough scheme was supposed to end on 31 October. But it has been brought back to help people who might otherwise lose their jobs due to the new 4 week lockdown which starts on Thursday 5 November 2020. It’s a little confusing, as the government has reinstated the August version of furlough, so it’s not a straight extension of the October version. That’s a good thing, as it means it’s more generous and easier on employers.

Mortgage payment holidays have also been extended. Plus there are more grants for businesses that have to close during lockdown.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest covid-19 financial support…

Money & Me: a podcast by Lifetise. Season 1 episode 7, Zanna Van Dijk.

In this episode, Caroline chats to Zanna Van Dijk: fitness, wellness and sustainability superstar who is passionate about using her own journey and platform to educate and inspire others. This is a fantastic season finale. We talk about Zanna’s incredible work ethic, and how she’s built up her businesses, the relentless drive of being a type-A personality, and her mission to bring as many women as possible along with her on her journey of financial empowerment. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording. Hi Zanna, welcome to the Money & Me podcast. …

Money & Me: a podcast by Lifetise. Season 1 episode 6, Lola Abitogun.

Welcome to Money & Me, the podcast where we talk honestly about money and how it makes us feel. This is Episode Six, Lola’s story. In this episode, Caroline talks to Lola Abitogun, about the hard work, career choices and compromises she made so she could save £60,000 by the age of 28 to buy her own flat in London. And what this meant to her, having come from a family that had never owned their own home, and in terms of her own independence.

Caroline 0:57
Hi Lola, welcome to the Money & Me podcast! So I think I found you because I saw an article about you in the Metro saying that you’d managed to save £60,000 pounds to buy your first home. And I think for a lot of people listening, that’s going to feel like quite an amazing achievement. So, how did you do it? What were the key things? How did it all come about for you? …

Money & Me: a podcast by Lifetise. Season 1 episode 5, Alex Holder.

This episode was recorded before the coronavirus crisis really took hold in the UK. A lot of us are going to be facing difficult decisions and conversations about money over the next few months. Hopefully this episode shows you that it’s ok to be vulnerable and have those conversations. Most of us find it hard to open up about our financial situation, and that’s ok. The more we do it, the easier and less awkward it becomes.

In this episode, Caroline talks to author and journalist, Alex Holder, about why we find it so hard to have open conversations about money. Why it’s important to share details on how much we earn. …

Money & Me: a podcast by Lifetise. Season 1 episode 4, Nicky Raby.

In this episode, Caroline talks to actor, coach and around brilliant woman Nicky Raby, about thriving in a portfolio career and defining your own version of success.

Welcome to Money & Me, today I am joined by Nicky Raby. Nicky is a huge advocate of the portfolio career. She’s an actor, a personal branding coach. writer and speaker. She’s passionate about supporting other women (and men) to create a business and life that defines their version of success. She trained at Mount View and continues to enjoy a thriving career across theatre, television, film and commercial work. She’s worked with over 1000 clients to help them consolidate their personal brand and become visible so they can do more of what they love and get paid for it. …

Money & Me: a podcast by Lifetise. Season 1 episode 3, Changwe’s story.

Welcome to Episode Three of Money & Me. This is Changwe’s story of living between two worlds. On the one hand: privilege, and on the other: sacrifice and loss.

Hi, everyone. Welcome back. So I’m joined today by my friend Changwe. And we’re going to be talking about a few things: like childhood, growing up in a bit of a mix of worlds, and what it means to be a salesperson and how that impacts your thoughts around money. So welcome, Changwe.

Oh, it’s an absolute pleasure. So shall we start sort of earlyish years? What was your family like growing up? And what were your thoughts and understanding about money when you were younger? …

Money & Me: a podcast by Lifetise. Season 1 episode 2, Alex’s Story.

In this episode, Caroline talks to her sister Alex about her decision to go to university as a mature student and how she feels about her money situation as a result.

Hi, and welcome to the next episode of money and me. This week, I’ve got my sister Alex in the room with me. I decided to talk to Alex for two reasons. One, she lives with me so it was very easy to set up! And two, she’s recently gone back to university as a mature student. …


Caroline Hughes

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