Money & Me: a podcast by Lifetise. Season 2 episode 5, Clare Seal.

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Hello and welcome back. Today’s guest is Clare Seal, the creator of the My Frugal Year Instagram account, founder of The Financial Wellbeing Forum and author of Real Life Money: An Honest Guide To Taking Control Of Your Finances (Headline 2020) and The Real Life Money Journal (Headline 2020). She works to address the deeper causes of debt and financial difficulty, discussing how mindset, privilege and circumstances contribute to our financial lives and emotional wellbeing.

Caroline 0:01
Hi Clare! How are you doing today?

Clare 0:03
Hi, very well thanks, Caroline. …

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Gear up for a 2021 reboot

As we start a brand new year, the push to look back on 2020 and set ourselves new goals might feel less urgent than usual. Maybe you’re worried about committing to new success when things still feel unstable. Or has your optimism run dry following such a tough year? After the last 12 months, it’s understandable that setting new goals might feel out of touch. 2020 has put us through some of the most collectively challenging experiences possible, as well as causing difficulties for all of us on a personal level. But remember — we got through it. …

Money & Me: a podcast by Lifetise. Season 2 episode 4, Chloe and Pont.

Welcome to Money and Me, the podcast where we talk honestly about money, how it makes us feel, and how it shapes our lives and the decisions we make. In this episode, Caroline talks to Chloe and Pont, co-owners of hair salon Bebop, about taking on the financial risks of setting up as a small business, riding out not one but two COVID lockdowns and building resilience.

Caroline 0:44

Hello, my friends. Today I’m joined by Chloe and Pont, who are the owners of the Bebop hair salon in Islington London, which has made the best hairdresser list in Timeout and Refinery29. They set up Bebop to shake up the outdated hair industry, focusing on making hair wearable and ethical, with cruelty free and vegan products, and pushing equality with gender neutral pricing. Hi, Chloe, hi, Pont. So lovely to have you on the show. …

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If you’ve done a lot of out-of-budget, boredom-induced lockdown spending in 2020, it’s easy to consider the rest of the year as a write-off. Then fritter away what you’ve got left during the festive season. Well we want to stop you in your tracks before you do! Studies show that it takes 21 days to build a habit…so why put that off till 2021?

The sooner you start making smart money choices, the more likely you are to carry those habits into the new year with you. …

Money & Me: a podcast by Lifetise. Season 2 episode 3, Dani St. James.

In this episode, Caroline talks to Dani St James, about the huge financial and emotional costs trans people experience getting access to jobs, medical care, and psychological support. And how her Not a Phase charity plans to help.

Dani is a model, influencer and the co-founder of Not A Phase, an organisation she set up with her best friend to benefit the lives of trans adults across the UK. …

University students celebrating graduation
University students celebrating graduation

Myth-Busting: Will student debt stop you buying a home?

At Lifetise, our goal is to shower you with the confidence and know-how to make life’s biggest decisions. What better way than to demystify complex decisions — like buying your first home. Debunking any fears or misinformation that get in the way of you going after this goal.

So this week, we’re tackling a very common worry. Lots of people ask us: “will student debt stop me buying a home?” It’s understandable. Student debt often feels like a massive burden. But the good news is it shouldn’t stop you getting on the property ladder. …

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Want to know how to save more? If you constantly find yourself stretched thin when it comes to money, or living paycheck to paycheck, now might be a good time to reflect on some of your spending and saving habits. But…it’s nearing the end of a difficult year, and we’re guessing that the last thing you want to do is take a long, hard look at your money management.

To make things simple, we’ve put together 4 quick money saving hacks that you can start implementing right this second. They could leave with you a lot more in your account at the end of each month. …

Money & Me: a podcast by Lifetise. Season 2 episode 2, Katie Watson.

In this episode, Caroline talks to Katie Watson about being the first person in her family to go to university, why she’s not worried about student debt and how hard 2020 has been for graduates trying to find jobs.

Caroline 0:00
Hi, Katie, how are you doing? Welcome to Money and Me.

Katie 0:03
Hi. Yeah, I’m doing really good. Thank you so much for having me on.

Caroline 0:07
Oh, it’s a complete pleasure. So I wanted to chat to you because you’ve recently graduated from university. …

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Buying your first home is exciting. For many people, it’s a lifelong dream, and the feeling of having finally saved enough for your deposit is unbeatable. However — this isn’t where the work stops. Too often, people have thought about their mortgage, deposit, and potentially stamp duty along the way. But those aren’t all the real costs of buying a home. They forget to research the hidden costs of mortgage fees, valuation costs, surveys, legal help…and much more.

None of these things should stop you in your tracks, but preparing ahead is always a good idea. So that when it’s time to move you can avoid any nasty surprises along the way. …

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Buying your first home is a big deal. For a lot of us, it feels like the ultimate goal, the unticked box at the top of our bucket lists. We know that it can feel overwhelming, and perhaps at times unachievable. There’s a whole world of information out there about getting onto the property ladder, it can be easy to get lost among it all. That’s why we’ve done the homework for you, and put together this list of 5 essential things that any first-time buyer should know. …


Caroline Hughes

CEO, Lifetise | Feminist FinTech | How to afford your life goals🏠👩‍👧‍👧🏖 | Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab 2019 | Women in FinTech Powerlist | 🎙Money & Me

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